Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personal Reflection (NEWater visit)

1. What are the 3 key takeaways from today’s visit?
I learned about the 3 main taps of Singapore, how the processes of cleaning water in the NEWater plants work, and how much water is consumed or wasted by Singaporeans everyday.

2. Name 2 concepts that you have learnt today during the visit.
I learned about how Singapore's water supply is not everlasting if we do not do anything about it and that how foreign particles are separated from water molecules.

3. What is the 1 interesting thing that you have learnt today?
The 1 interesting thing I have learned today is that NEWater has three different methods of cleaning water to make sure that no or very few bacteria, viruses or foreign particles are left in the water.

4. What are the things that you can do to help with water conservation in Singapore?
I can help by using less and waste less water to help in water conservation.

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