Sunday, June 27, 2010

Understanding the elderly challenge

The four key recommendations of the report were the housing, accessibility, caring, and opportunities for the seniors.
Housing for the seniors means that Singapore will be a place where the elderly can live like a family with others from the community, and there will be houses to meet the needs of the seniors.
Accessibility for the seniors means that Singapore will cater to the needs of the elderly, removing some obstacles that may hinder the seniors from doing their everyday tasks.
Caring for the seniors means that Singapore will make sure that the seniors will have efficient, cheap and accessible care for them, such as healthcare, and will cater to most of their needs.
Opportunities for the seniors means that Singapore will give more opportunities to seniors for them to be with their family more and work with others in the community.

One way the report is recommending to make our public housing more elderly-friendly is to get HDB to provide more rental housing options for seniors, by exploring the lease of its vacant flats to voluntary welfare organisations for the elderly who may prefer to rent than buy, or need to downgrade from their existing flats.

Two ways we can make the quality of elderly care in Singapore affordable are to get the government to top up medisave accounts of the less fortunate, and get them to have a caregiver centre families in care-giving through provision of information resources and programmes.
Three things I can do as an SST student to help them overcome these elderly challenges are by donating some money to help them, help out at old folk’s homes sometimes, and maybe try to get some people to volunteer there.

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